Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sharing Menudo is Caring

My mom made a huge batch of Menudo just because...She divided it into 2 big containers, one is ours and the other is for her co-workers. I guess it's a Filipino thing to feed your friends lol.

Menudo is a traditional Filipino dish kind'a like a stew made with diced pork, raisins, potatoes, liver, carrots, green bell pepper, bay leaf and sometimes hotdog. Then it's cooked in tomato sauce with a little bit of water. It's best eaten with steamed white rice. Masarap na ulam!

Look at the greasy floating on the side ^_^

Here's a video I found on youtube on how to make Menudo.


sugarBear said...

I love Menudo! that looks good...do you know how to cook? just wondering ;-)

Becky said...

@SugarBear: I used to be obsessed with cooking when I was in college. I cooked all kinds of stuff I see on Food Netwwork. Now, I'm learning a few Filipino food, but I leave the complicate ones to my mom :)


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