Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dim Sum Leftovers are the best!

My mom, aunt, grandma and Momocito went to China Town today and ate dim sum for brunch...lucky! And they were sweet enough to remember me and brought me back their leftovers haha. I love dim sum. They're so greasy and fatty, but I still love them! I don't even know what most of them are called, but I still eat them because they're so delicious. Also, dim sum reminds me of my Lolo who passed away. He used to love eating chicken feet, pork spare ribs and shark's fin shumai ^_^.

So here's what they brought me...

Pork Spare Ribs. So greasy. So yummy.

I think this one is Pork Shumai. I'm not too sure. I like to dip these in a little bit of soy sauce and lemon juice.

Shark's Fin Shumai. They taste like pork, but it's weird that they're shark's fin though.

I don't know what these are called but it has vegetables with a little bit of meat.

Taro Cake. I love these. They smell funny, but taste yummy lol.

Rice Cakes. We call these puto in Tagalog and that word makes me laugh because puto means stupid in Spanish lol.

I would've ate the dim sum with rice, but I was too lazy to cook, so I ate it with sour dough. It wasn't a good match lol.

What's your favorite dim sum?


sugarBear said...

i love dim sum! my favorite is shrimp and pork shu mai dim sum, thanks for sharing the pics, i'm craving dim sum now! lol

Becky said...

@SugarBear: Haha you're welcome!


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