Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mon's Bday Party and Karaoke!

It was my best friend Monica's birthday on Friday, and I organized a little potluck/karaoke party for her. It's also for me and my other friend Grace's late birthday, but it's more for Mon! It turned out to be super awesome, and everyone had a lot of fun eating, drinking and singing to Chicago, Abba and Whitney Houston. Good times!

For the food, I asked everyone to either bring food or drinks. We didn't have a theme, so they could pretty much bring whatever they want. And I don't really care as long as we have lots of food. Of course, I had to make my famous super fatty Spinach dip, Chicken Lumpia (Filipino Eggrolls) and my Party Longganisa. Mon have never tried my Spinach dip and Eggrolls, so I was pretty excited to make them.

Party Longganisa. This Filipino sausage is a breakfast food back in my country, but my American friends loves to eat it parties^_^

I think I found the secret to make the best Spinach dip...cheap mayo! Seriously, cheap mayo tasted so much better than Best Foods or Kraft. I used the generic Ralphs brand.

Hummus, Garlic dip and Brie cheese from Fresh and Easy. They're very good with crackers, chips or bread.

I made the Chicken Lumpia from scratch the night before. I just fried them an hour before the party, so they were still hot and fresh.

Grace bought a huge bag of meatballs and baked it in bbq sauce. It was the easiest party food to make, and it was delicious.

Costco Pizza. One of the girls brought 2 boxes, and the guys devoured them.

Monican brought Flan from Superior Market. It was huge!

Brownie Chocolate cake I got from Vons. I didn't even get to eat it, but it looks pretty dang good!

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