Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stone Oven is the BOMB!

One of my new year's resolution is to start bringing my own lunch to work. I was doing really well until Stone Oven, a gourmet sandwich and salad place opened near by. I've never heard of this place before, but I found out for myself that they make the best chicken sandwich and chicken salad I've ever tasted in my life. Yeah, yeah I always say that with everything I eat, but seriously, this one is legit. You just have to try it for yourself.

I bought my lunch here 2 days in a row, and I need to stop before I get addicted. Their food is so good. It's fresh, and they make it in front of you. I can honestly eat here every single day.

The first time, I got their Garlic and Basil Chicken Sandwich. Thin sliced grilled chicken breast with tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, garlic and basil mayo in a freshly made foccacia bread. They make the bread right in front of you.

I've ate plenty of sandwiches in my life, and this is hands down the best I've tried. All the stuff in it are familiar flavors, but I think what got me the most was the fresh bread. There's nothing like fresh bread in your sandwich. The foccacia was a little toasted on the outside and oh soooo soft on the inside. I even saw steam came out of the bread when the man cut it in half. Omaaagggaahh!

For the side, you can choose between pasta salad, potato salad or garden salad. I had the garden salad with their homemade dressing, and it was really good.

The second time, I got the Walnut and Green Apple salad with Champagne Vinaigrette with a side of fresh Foccacia bread.. Mixed Greens, thinly sliced grilled chicken, candied walnuts, blue cheese and balsamic glazed. Once again, the bread was amazing! I ended up making my own sandwich, stuffing the bread with everything.

Have you ever been to Stone Oven? If not, then you really should. 

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sugarBear said...

Seriously, that does look delicious! I haven't tried this place, it's a good thing they have a location in San Diego, I will remember to try this place out the next time I shop at Fashion Valley :-) thanks for sharing!


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