Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mac Rib is back!!! (late post)

This is an old post that I forgot to publish lol. Enjoy!

Have you read the book "Fast Food Nation"? It's a book that exposes the nasty truth behind fast food chains. Where do they really get their meat? Why is fast food so cheap? I read it back in college in an English class. I remember, it used to make my stomach turn every time I read a page. They went into too much detail about the nasty stuff they put in burgers, chicken nuggets and etc just so they can make it look like real food. But this post is not about the book. I just want to point out that after reading it, it didn't really change my perception on fast food. My college roommates and I lived on dollar spicy chicken sandwiches and crispy fake tacos from Jack in the Box and this was while I was reading the book HA!

I know it's nasty, gross and I even call it fake food... but guess what? I crave it. I crave it a lot and therefore I will eat it, especially when I'm mad craving it...wait I said that already lol. And McDonalds or MickeyD's as my friends and I call it, is my favorite fast food restaurant ever! They have the best french fries that you have to eat right away because they taste like paper when cold. Their Big Mac makes me puke, literally right after eating it, but I still like it so I only eat it once a year..on my birthday!!! Their McGriddles sandwiches are the best breakfast sandwich ever made. 2 pancakes with syrup dots sandwiching liquid eggs, salty who knows where it came from sausage and it's best eaten with their sugary ketchup! Man, sounds like a diabetes sandwich, but it's dang good!

Anyway, Mc Donalds recently brought back the McRib, which is a bbq pork rib sandwich. It's only for a limited time so I decided to try it out. It's my first time and I have nothing but high hopes. It better taste like real pork bbq right? And you know does! No joke. The meat tasted like real meat and that's all I cared about.

It's a pork meat patty made to look like pork ribs, but it's boneless...weird! 

It was pretty tasty and it did taste like pork so I couldn't complain. I just wished it had more BBQ sauce because it was a bit dry. But other than that, it was great! ^_^ Will I eat it again? Heck yeah!

..and this is my big boy nephew Momo eating his chicken nuggets and french fries from Mickey D's. He is lovin' it..assssuuus!!

What's your favorite fast food?


Yoselin said...

I totally agree with you! I don't care how many bad things there is to say about fast food, I crave it to...alot! I have to say the McRib is sinfully delish! Gotta love Mickey D's!

CopyCat said...


gave you an award for blogger which fot that something special on their blog

sugarBear said...

is this cute little boy your son? he's adorable and Yes McD is the bomb! yummy. My husband LOVES the McRib and i love the Big Mac ;-)


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