Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Ko's Surprise birthday dinner...kind of lol

Kiko's older brother and I spent a whole week texting back and forth, sharing ideas about what we should do for Kiko's birthday.We thought of surprising him with a really good birthday dinner with all his favorite food... SHRIMP, chocolate cake and avocados! I told Kiko we were just gonna have the usual bbq at his brother's house so he didn't know we were planning for something exciting!

I'm just gonna go right ahead and talk about the food. Those yucky looking things were the veins or poop from the shirmp. Kiko's sister was de-veining the shirmp getting it clean and ready for the special Ceviche his other sister was going to make.

I don't know the exact name of this dish so lets just call it Spicy Shrimp Ceviche. Raw shrimp marinated in lot of lime juice (to cook it) with sliced red onions, cucumbers and minced serrano or thai chiles..ugh I forgot which one..sorry! It was really spicy lol....really good, but really spicy!

A milder version with less chiles. It was still spicy to me lol. I'm a sissy! It was best eaten it with the tortilla chips.

I made my Lumpia or Filipino Eggrolls. I prepped them the night before and cooked it at his brother's place the next day. I used a Filipino lumpia wrapper and stuffed it with ground chicken and shrimp with minced celery, carrots and onions. It was their first time having it and they loved it!

Nom, nom, nom...They were good dipped in a Thai Sweet and Chili sauce. I bought it from the grocery store.

yikes...look at my face. My face makeup is lighter than my neck ugh! lol

Kiko's brother made his delicious Shrimp fried rice. For a Mexican guy, he sure can cook good fried rice...I'm kidding. It has all kinds of stuff in it like bell peppers, onions, green beans, eggs and of course shirmp.

Kiko loves Avocado and when I say love...I mean really love Avocados! So, Kiko's other sister made a huge batch guacamole from scratch! It was good with tortilla chips or by the spoonful hehe...

Tostito chips to scoop up the Shrimp Ceviche or Guacamole ^_^

Kiko loves chocolate so his other sister...gosh he has a lot of sisters...she got him a chocolate cake  from King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant. It was so good... light, moist and not too sweet and its chocolate!!!

My pretty plate! I have a thing for taking a picture of my plate full of all kinds of food. You will see it a lot in my posts lol. It's sooo pretty!!!

It was a successful birthday dinner and Kiko was overwhelmed with all the food and love. He really thought it was going to be some regular bbq. Thanks to all his family members that made this day possible!


Toni Tralala said...

This looks good, Becky! Happy Birthday to Kiko! Jordan loves lumpias too! I'm going to post my recipe soon!

I use ground chicken as well since his family doesn't eat pork.

Louzee said...

Ay nako naman, Becks. Tataba ako just by looking at that food. Someone made lumpia at Christmas. It was delish. I can tell you're gonna make a great wife someday.

Sylvia said...

omg, i'm loving this blog - I'm also from socal so I know all these places, and I love seeing what you ordered! isn't king's hawaiian chocolate cake the BEST? my friend and i think it tastes like a giant hoho. hahahaha


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