Saturday, October 23, 2010

Filipino Comfort Food: Pork Lumpia and Ginataang Lanka at Baboy sa Bagoong.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the smell of coconut milk and anchovy paste and had a smile on my face lol. I knew my mom was making something  good in the kitchen. The air smelled sweet and fishy lol. Ewwww..I know it sounds disgusting but I'm used to those weird smell of my mom's cooking. Every Sunday she gets down and dirty with her cooking where she wakes up early in the morning to prep and cook. She's pretty hardcore!

She made Ginataang Lanka at Baboy sa Bagoong or Jackfruit and Pork in Coconut milk and Anchovy Paste and Pork Lumpia  or Pork Eggrolls.  Both Filipino dishes are a little time consuming but my mom knows how to manage her time in the kitchen where she was able to cook both at the same time and food was ready by 11:00 am for brunch.

This light pink looking thing may not look appetizing, but trust me, its delicious, especially when paired with steamed white rice. The taste is a balance of a little sweet and salty. You get sweetness from Coconut milk and Jack fruit and saltiness from those little pink flecks which are the tiny anchovies. Also, the anchovies helps cut back the creaminess of the dish so you won't get easily tired from eating it...if that makes any sense lol.

My mom's lumpia mixture is made with ground pork, shredded carrots, shredded celery, minced onions, salt and pepper. It's usually made with ground shrimp too but my mom choose not to include it.

Make sure you roll and tuck the mixture in the lumpia wrapper very well^_^

 Deep fry in hot Canola oil until golden brown

 Let it drain and cool down in paper towel and enjoy. We like to dip it in a store bought sweet and sour sauce or Banana ketchup!

I ate so much that I was in a food coma for a while. You know that feeling when you're eating something so good, that you just can't stop eating even if you feel full? That's what happened to me. It was that good. I also ate these lumpias through out the day as a snack ugh! Omg I'm such a fatty lol. For sure my mom will make something delicious again next Sunday ^_^ I will keep everyone updated.

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April said...

I loove lunpia soo much! I like to eat it with white rice and ketchup. I make chicken lumpia for Justin sometimes. Thank you so much for a yummy food post! I love both your blogs! :)


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