Sunday, November 20, 2011

Affordable and Delicious Thai Food

Kiko and I tried a local Thai restaurant, Bamboo Thai Bistro. I see it everyday on my way home. Back at my moms in LA, there are so many good Thai restaurants, so I was hoping this place would be good enough to get my Pad Thai and Thai Chicken cravings fulfilled from time to time.

We ordered food for pick up because we didn't want to wait in line.

Crab Fried Rice (photo above). Kiko and I loved it. The crab flavor was very prominent, and It had real crab leg meat in it which was very tasty.

Thai BBQ Chicken. It's quite different from the Thai BBQ I'm used to that is grilled and charred. This one was a bit wet from my liking. However, the meat was moist and perfectly cooked.

Steamed Chicken Dumplings. We love these. The filling of chicken and cabbage inside was very tasty.

We only spent $25 for everything. That's so cheap! We enjoyed the food a lot, and we will definitely come back for more. 

2208 Artesia Blvd
Redondo BeachCA 90278
Neighborhood: Redondo Beach

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