Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homecooked Mexican Food and My Chicken Lumpia

It's always a great experience whenever Kiko and I visit his mom. She's the sweetest and nicest lady. She also makes the best home cooked Mexican food, ever! It's my other ultimate comfort food besides my moms.

Here's what we had..

Carne Asada with mixed veggies and Beans. I honestly can't make beans like she does lol. Hers are perfectly cooked everytime.

Fresh Queso Fresco from the local Mexican market.

Homemade Corn Tortillas. They're so warm, thick and tasty.

She made me eat these weird looking fruits. I think they're figs. I couldn't get over the fact that the inside resembles little maggots lol.

Oh, and she was able to see me make my Chicken and Shrimp Lumpia, which was really fun. These were for Kiko's brother who was having a birthday.

After spending time with his mom, we went over to his brother's house to have dinner. His sister in law made Mexican Rice and I fried some of my Lumpia to go with it. Good times!!!

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