Friday, August 26, 2011

9th Yr Anniversary Dinner at The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant (Pic Heavy)

Can you believe it? We made the big 9. Crazy huh? To celebrate, we decided to have dinner at The Melting Pot fondue restaurant. Our first time here was on Valentine's Day. We liked it a lot, we promised ourselves we will come back for another special occasion. I mean, how can you go wrong with fondue? I wish we can do it everyday, but it's so expensive. A 4 course dinner cost about $90-98 per couple. You get cheese fondue, salad, meat fondue and chocolate fondue for dessert. Some say it's over priced for what you're getting. The meat and seafood portion are really tiny, 2 piece of everything. However, I think it's okay because if the portions are bigger, you won't have enough room for dessert.

So here's what we got...We did the "Big Night Out", which is a four course dinner.

First, we had the Spinach and Artichoke cheese fondue. We had this before, and it was a sure thing. It had spinach, articoke hearts, parmesan cheese, crushed garlic and etc (with a dash of tabasco for flavor).

They gave us tortilla chips, veggies and cubed apples for dippers. I've said it before that apple sounds odd to eat with cheese, but it's pretty delicious.

Second, we had our salads. Kiko was trying to be safe and had house salad with ranch dressing. Other salad in the menu sound too complicated, he said lol.

I had their Shrimp Ceviche salad. There were only 3 Shrimp in it. So sad. But it was really delicious with the avocado. It was sweet and tangy.

Third, we had the Meat and Seafood in a carribean spiced broth.

We had filet minon, marinated chicken, shrimp, duck, pork, ravioli and lobster...

...with potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms.

This time, Kiko and I did a much better job in cooking everything. We were more organized. We threw in all the veggies first because they take awhile to cook especially the potatoes, then we pretty much cooked all the meats before eating. This way, we saved a lot of time. Last time, we cooked, then eat, then cook and eat and it took forever to finish.

The meats cooked about 2-3 minutes, while seafood cooked 1 and 1/2 minutes.

They gave us so many choices of sauces which I love, love love! I've said it before that I'm a sucker for sauces and omg I was in sauce heaven. We put a little bit of everything on our plates...yum!

My favorite is the sauce on the far left called the "Green Goddess". It has all kinds of herbs mixed with sourcream, cream cheese and mayo..I think. I'm not too sure what else is in it.

More sauces...Honey mustard and teriyaki sauce.

What my plate looks like. So pretty isn't it?

Fourth, we chose Yin and Yang Chocolate fondue. It's half milk chocolate and half dark chocolate. So smooth, creamy and chocolately...Perfect!

It came with strawberries, bananas, brownie bites, marshmallows, rice crispies and cheese cake for dippers. I was actually already full, but I pushed myself to finish my part.

Another Yin and Yang in a drink form (Kiko's drink). The chocolate chip sanked, but it still looks cool.

I think we chose the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. It was fun, yet romantic and definitely worth it.

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Happy anniversary! 9 years?! OMG! :) I've had Melting Pot once and it was delish! My favorite was the green goddess sauce too! :D

There is this place near me called La Fondue and I go there occasionally just for the dessert fondue for $11 :) haha Its very yummy!


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