Friday, October 29, 2010

Balikbayan Goodies!!!

We have so much Filipino goodies/food at home, we can start our own "tindahan" or store lol. Just wanted to show you guys all the food my mom brought back from the Philippines. She recently went home with my grandma to attend and finish some personal business and of course I made sure she brought back a lot of goodies. All I asked was for her to bring back food/snacks. All kinds of Filipino food that are difficult to find in the U.S. like canned food, instant noodles, garlic corn nuts, pastries and etc. Sometimes they would be available in some Filipino grocery stores but they are so expensive!

We had 2 big boxes filled with nothing but food and It was extremely exciting. My mom brought some old favorites like "Intant Pancit Canton" or Instant Chowmein in all kinds of flavor, "Boy Bawang" or Garlic corn nuts and "Chocnut" or Peanut Milk Chocolate and other new stuff that I've never tried before. I love how Filipinos always come up with some weird snacks lol. I love it.

My mom also brought these Ensaymada by Mulach.

They are tiny bread with butter, sugar and cheese on top, sooo yummy! I could eat 4 of these in one sitting. They're good cold right out of the fridge or lightly toasted in the oven ^_^

I made this arrangement so I could take a photo lol. These were just some of it. There were more in the boxes!

I feel pretty happy right now with all this food and snacks! I'm already having fun eating them lol ^_^


Anonymous said...

Becky you should do a post on your favourite dishes ever, you seem to have great taste in food. HA pun lol


CopyCat said...

omg you just made me HUNGRY

Toni Tralala said...

I miss the Phlippines! :( I want some Muhlach ensaymada and those little round cookies with the colorful icing on top? :)

This got me nostalgic! :P

Jules said...

Mmmm...i love ensaymada and I definitely saw a lot of the snacks I usually get. When I was younger and still living in the Philippines, I remember feeling the same exact way over balikbayan boxes from the US. It's like everything in that box was extra special and nice just because it was from the states. Ohhhh I miss Philippines, I've only been back once and that was in 2007. I made sure I sampled everything from Jollibee to the street vendors' foods. =) Good times.


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