Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinner: Chicken Mechado

Mechado is a traditional Filipino dish usually made with beef chunks, tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots and ect. I didn't have beef and tomato sauce, so I opted for chicken breast and spaghetti sauce instead. Did it work? Oh yes, and it was delicious! You can eat it with bread or steamed white rice.

I cooked my rice and it's perfect all the time ^_^.


mami of 3 said...

love your blog and this looks so delicious. ok how in the world do make your rice? it looks perfect! if you could share that would be awesome.
would you ever share any of your recipes step by step?

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Hey girl, thanks for stopping by. I always wing it whenever I cook. I don't measure or use a timer and stuff like that, so sharing a recipe would be weird lol. But I will consider it.

I can surely make a post on how I make rice. I've been cooking rice ever since I was little, so it's something i do well :)

mami of 3 said...

yes consider it, hello your food looks delicious! and i know others would love it too.
for your chimichurri sauce do you use a food processor or blender or how do you make it? i told you i need all the help i can get hee heee
thanks again love both your posts

Becky said...

hey, i suggest using a food processor to make the chumichurri so the sauce can stay chunky. I used a blender because we don't have a food processor.


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