Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth if July 2011 BBQ ^_^

Fourth of July!!! What did you guys do? It was sooo hot over here in L.A. and my family and I initally wanted to go to the beach. But after my grandma's accident, we opt to just stay at home and BBQ. My aunt prepared and cooked all the food. We had grilled Shrimps, Pork and Chicken BBQ Filipino style, Steak, Tilapia, Corn and Buko Salad (Filipino Coconut Salad).

Sorry for the ugly photo of the grilled Tilapia, but I can tell you that it was delicious.

I guess you would call this Filipino Salsa??? It has chopped tomatoes, onions, raw mangoes, sea weed and liquid anchovies. It goes very well with the BBQ and rice.

 Corn were on sale at Ralphs for 5 for a $1, so my aunt bought a whole bunch to grill. They were so sweet and creamy.

 My mom ate crabs left overs from last night. 

Yummy Buko Salad for dessert. This is a very popular Filipino dessert. I like it when my aunt makes it because it's not too sweet and she put lots of fruits and young coconut meat.

My aunt marinated the meat over night. I need to get her recipe because it's really good. 

I went to Kiko's family in the afternoon for the fireworks show. His brother go all out with fireworks every year, so I couldn't miss it. They also had BBQ and his sister decorated the back yard with red, white and blue! It was really nice. 

Kiko fixed me a BBQ Chicken plate with Macaroni Salad, Cactus Salad, Mexican Rice and Pinto Beans.

And they had a huge cake of Tiramisu for dessert! I love Tiramisu. One of Kiko's sister got it from Albertsons. I've mentioned it before that Albertsons makes good cakes. They really do!

I hope you guys had an awesome and stuffed Fourth of July! 

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