Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It was okay....

The only reason why I went to my mom's work Holiday party was because the food. Last year's party was freakin' awesome. There was an insane buffet of food with all kinds of unique and interesting dishes and all kinds of desserts and pastries that seemed never ending. It was an unforgettable night and I clearly remembered how I forcefully stuffed my face with bread pudding after bread pudding after bread pudding ^_^ So when my mom asked me to go with her again, I excitedly said YES!

I wish I can show you photos of all kinds of food but this year turned out to be wack! It was a huge downgrade from last year's party. There was no buffet of anything. The food was served on the table and you don't get a choice. You get what they serve you..booo! On the other hand, the service was amazing. Our servers were really nice and you never ran out of water in your glass^_^

The venue was nicely decorated as you can see. It was so pretty!

Goat Cheese salad with strawberry vinaigrette to start was already served on the tables. It was ok...It had candied walnuts that I really liked.

Pretzel Rolls with butter were so good. I ate 3 of these. It tasted like a regular soft pretzel but in a bread roll form. Cool huh?

For the main course, they had grilled steak, fish with some type of onion and garlic sauce with baked potatoes and julienned veggies. This plate was just okay. It was good but definitely not impressive. Like what I said, it was a downgrade from last year....boo! The steak was medium well and it was very soft and tender but under seasoned. I had to sprinkle a lot of salt and pepper to taste. The fish was perfectly cooked. I forgot what kind of fish it was...sorry!

For dessert, we had Pecan Tart in a cherry and rum sauce. I haven't had pecan tarts in forever so I enjoyed this one very much. I loved the candied cherries and those green raisins were soaked in alcohol. I got a strong burst bitterness when I ate them.

I expected a lot this year so I was very much disappointed with the food. Don't get me wrong, it was good but like what I said, it was a big downgrade from last year...geesh, I said it like 3 times. I don't expect it to get better next year.

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Toni Tralala said...

That still looks like a pretty good dinner. Portion control this time around! :))


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