About Me

Sigh...what else can I say? I'm in love with food. I created this blog as an outlet for my food infatuation. When I'm not obsessing with my makeup hobby, I think and speak about food all the time. You will see random food post from things I like to eat, Whats for Dinner, my favorite food, maybe restaurant reviews in the Los Angeles and South Bay area, recipes and so much more.

But welcome and feel free to drool and please, don't hesitate to say hello and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me at rebekkah.celeste@gmail.com

My blog title was the idea of my friend Manuel Escobar. I'm giving him the credit!!!It was hilarious throwing ideas back and forth. The F in the title was supposed to be the "F-word" but its too harsh for my own vocabulary so I changed it to Fudging, meaning to screw or mess up but a more foodie friendly word lol. Agree?

Happy Chow!


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