Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve Food!

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Hey loves, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas for those who celebrate it, and for those who don't, I hope you had a great Holiday break. I spent Christmas Eve with my Cakes family in Los Angles. Went food shopping everywhere with my family and cleaned and organized the entire house. I was pooped, but extremely happy.

 We took it easy this year. Usually, Mommy Cakes, Abu Cakes and my cousin would slave in the kitchen and make a huge spread for Christmas eve dinner, but since most of them worked, we kept it simple, yet delicious, of course. Our spread was actually very odd. The kids requested Korean BBQ. My aunt and I bought sliced meat from the local Korean market along with a few banchan (Korean side dishes) that we like, Spiral Ham and Smoke Salmon from Costco, and my cousin, Marie Cakes made her homemade Lasagna that was out of this world!!!

So, we had Korean/America/Italian food all at the same time. That's how The Cakes family roll ^_^.

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My aunt cooked thin slices of pork and beef (not shown) on the pan and placed it on a tray so we could juts pick it up.

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Rice Paper

I think that's what they're called. You wrap the meat in it. 

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Roasted Seaweed

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Grape leaves kimchee

Very hot and spicy!

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Spicy Squid

My favorite. They are chewy, spicy and a little sweet.

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Seaweed Salad

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Croisant and slices of Challah

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Smoked Salmon with Dill sauce from Costco

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Spiral Ham from Costco

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Homemade Lasagna

She used San Marzano tomatoes and cream cheese along with the other usual ingredients.

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Desserts from Magnolia Bakery

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Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery

You haven't lived if you've never tried it.

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